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Our Services

  1. Custom equipment integration for different types of rooms – classrooms, courtrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, offices, museums, atriums.
  2. Custom Control for all popular control systems to fully automate integrated equipment
  3. Integrations with a host of specialty A/V equipment manufacturers such as assisted listening devices, microscopes, A/V recorders, etc.
  4. Detailed engineering of Audio, Video, and control connections
  5. Master A/V Technicians experienced and qualified to design, engineer, install, and support your equipment
  6. Continuity and consistency in craftsmanship, engineering, and design throughout all your rooms
  7. An experienced team to work with you to identify your A/V room requirements in a newly constructed room or an existing room.
  8. Integration of automated projectors and display lift.
  9. Large format rear projection integration.
  10. Large format video wall integration for Command Centers

Education Sectors

The partnership between A/V and education began with a simple slide projector in science class decades ago, and has swelled to a seismic shift toward AV technology in the classroom.

Professional A/V technologies are shaping the way we learn and teach. From school classrooms to university auditoria, teachers, lecturers and students are now connecting and exploring together.

GENITS is delivering powerful solutions to training institutes, schools, colleges and universities and transforming the education sector.

Cables, Connectors, Converters, Communicators

The combination of right accessories with the right product can enhance and extend the performance of all A/V Equipment.

Keeping this in mind, we have found the best AV solutions from across the world in an effort to bring safe, easy to install, high quality and great looking Audiovisual experiences to our customers.


If you want to find out how to extend the working life of your AV systems, cut costs and know that your investment is in the safest hands, take a look at our affordable maintenance services.

Our dependable, strategic AV Services deliver support from the industry’s finest AV technicians who work alongside client teams offering a raft of dedicated systems services on sites across the globe.


Dealer in IT & Audio Visual Products & Office Solutions

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